Music inspires the art of being* Let go of the dualities of the mind ... just be.

I was so drawn to this video by Windy & Carl that I spent a night on my laptop...not typing...but drawing over the keys. Remember to come out of cyber pixels and back into this dimension, touching solid wooden floors. Stretch and expand the dividing line of the minds duality, merge...and embrace.

Painting- Golden Thread by Pashet
Music - Mutations by Trippin'Cloud
‘Mutation’ is about the evolution of the soul, inside your body, reaching the realization that something will change your life forever…‘ Jean-Charles Zambo aka Trippin'Cloud; remixer, producer and music creator from Paris.
‘Golden Thread is the infinite strand, winding round the wounds, embracing the shifts...’ ‘Painting to music is more than just listening … you have to feel the deep-rootedness of its vibration … pop the lid of a felt tip pen and become the conduit of sound. ‘ Pashet

Details of the bigger picture 'Transformation' by Pashet
'Transformation' Acrylic on canvas 50cm x 80cm
Sound by Jacaszek

An inter dimentional space for meditation
Sound by Kwali
Visuals by Pashet